ArrowMax AK1R0025-120-V3 KSC-25 Battery Rapid Charger for Kenwood TK-2160 TK-3160 TK-2170 TK-3170 TK-2360 TK-3360 NX-220

This is a rapid rate desktop charger that is designed to exclusively for use with Tri-Chemistry including with all Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-Ion battery. It also utilizes interchangeable adapter cup system to support most portable models.


  • Single-way Rapid Desktop Charger
  • Tri-Chemistry Rapid Rate Charger. Compatible with all Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-Ion battery. Huge range of adapter cups available
  • Using microprocessor for charge control and override protection. Super tough Polycarbonate casing
  • LED “Charging/Charged” indicators
  • Rapid charging rate up to 750 mAh/hr and provide 2 to 4 hours charger time for regular batteries.

OEM Compatibles

KSC-25 , KVC-14 , KSC-25L

Fit In

KNB-25A , KNB-26 , KNB-26N , KNB-24L , KNB-25A , KNB-26N , KNB-56N , KNB-57L

Compatible Model

Other: TK-2140E , TK-2160M , TK-2170E , TK-2170E3 , TK-3140E , TK-3160E , TK-3160M , TK-3170E4 , TK-3170E6 , TK-3170M