ArrowMax RBCKMXTS-8460 HLN8460/NTN8266 Belt Clip for Motorola XTS-3500 XTS-4250

Description: Fully-Compatible with Motorola XTS-3500, XTS-4250 two way radio. Premium quality compatible clips allows the user to keep the radio securely on his or her belt. It is using strong metal that keeps the radio clipped on your belt. Specifications: Length: 3.0" Compatible: OEM Model#: NTN8460A, HLN8460. NTN8266 Fit in: Motorola XTS-3500, XTS-4250


  • Length: 3.0"
  • OEM Model#: HLN8460 / NTN8266
  • Fit in: Motorola XTS-3000, XTS-3500, XTS-4250, XTS-5000

Fit In

APX: XTS 3500 , XTS 4250
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