This D-Sharp Earhanger with inline Push-to-talk and microphone provides clear voice transmission and excellent focused sound quality. If you would like more flexibility, we would suggest you to take a look of other D-shape earpiece like "Maxtop AEH2000" or "Maxtop AEH4000"; they might fit your needs better.


  • Feels like nothing's there! - This D-Shape ear-band is designed to lightly hugs and contours to your ear shape.
  • For our customers who are looking for a simple Snap-N-Go style.
  • Non-adjustable, fasten securely onto the top and around the ear flap.
  • Extremely soft and stretchy coiled cable that allow for a wide range of movement.
  • Measured Length from Connector to Earphone: 147cm (58 in), Stretch Comfortably to 204cm (80.3 in)

Compatible Model

For Kenwood (3)

For Yaesu (1)

For Baofeng (1)

For Hytera (2)

For Retevis (1)

For Relm (1)

For RCA (1)

For Vertex (1)