The arms of the split D-ring earpiece grip on your ear effortlessly; you do not feel a thing though you are actually wearing a headset. These arms are mold-able, which provides flexibility for any ear types and shapes. Additionally, this earpiece allows 180 degree rotation for you to switch from left to right ears.


  • This earpiece is the next step into flexibility with its split ear band.
  • Earhooks are completely moldable, and reshapable to your preferred comfort!
  • Offers even more comfort and movement range with its vertical 180° natural rotation.
  • Soft-touch material all around, making this feel even sturdier and premium.
  • Measured Length from Connector - Earphone: 118cm (46.5 in), Stretch Comfortably to 130cm (51.2 in)

Compatible Model

For Bearcom (4)

For Yaesu (2)

For Hytera (1)

For Kenwood (3)

For Icom (1)

For Vertex (1)


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