This heavy duty headset nicely isolates the noise around you. It not only grants 24dB noise reduction rating, but also is made with comfortable ear pads and sponge. Its adjustable over-head strap is designed to accompany your use of safety hard hats. Additionally, mic cable can be replaced by "Maxtop CABLE-AHDH0032-AX" at cheaper cost so that you do not need to buy a new pricey headset when it wears out.


  • Loud background noise? This headset will fix everything!
  • Click-Lock dimple to prevent from accidental slip outs
  • Durable skeletal style & sensitive microphone will picks up noise from your speaking direction
  • Experience your long lasting comfort with these set of pleather muffs
  • Modular design – being able to interchange and work with every 6pins cable with or w/o PTT.

Compatible Model

For Yaesu (2)

For Baofeng (1)

For Hytera (1)

For Retevis (2)

For Kenwood (3)

For Vertex (3)

For Sepura (1)