This 1-Wire acoustic ear tube surveillance kit provides clear voice transmission and excellent focused sound quality. It has the active voice Vox function with comfortable transparent acoustic tube. It is a unique product that fits for retail marketplaces, restaurants and security companies.


  • Despise that PTT function? You now have VOX!
  • Our VOX products are carefully constructed to achieve optimal functionality.
  • This model uses an extremely soft and comfortable acoustic ear tube to transmit sound.
  • We won’t forget about durability: Kevlar reinforced cable.
  • Measured Length from Connector - Earphone: 193cm (76 in), Stretch Comfortably to 202cm (80 in)

Compatible Model

For Kenwood (3)

For Yaesu (2)

For Baofeng (1)

For Hytera (4)

For Retevis (2)

For Relm (1)

For RCA (1)

For Sepura (1)